Policy Structure

Learn how Kyverno policies and rules work.

The following picture shows the structure of a Kyverno Policy:


A Kyverno policy is a logical collection of one or more rules. Each rule has a match clause, an optional exclude clause, and one of a mutate, validate, or generate clause.

Each rule can validate, mutate, or generate configurations of matching resources. A rule definition can contain only a single mutate, validate, or generate child node.

Policies can be defined as cluster-wide resources (using the kind ClusterPolicy) or namespaced resources (using the kind Policy.) As expected, namespaced policies will only apply to resources within the namespace in which they are defined while cluster-wide policies are applied to matching resources across all namespaces. Otherwise, there is no difference between the two types.

Rules in a policy are applied in the order of definition. During admission control, mutation rules are applied before validation rules. This allows validation of changes made during mutation. Note that all mutation rules are applied first across all policies before any validation rules are applied.

There is no ordering within or across policies and all matching policy rules will always be applied. For validate rules, this ordering is irrelevant, however for mutate and generate rules, if there is a cascading dependency rules should be ordered according to those dependencies. Since validation rules are written as pass or fail conditions, rules cannot override other rules and can only extend the fail condition set. Hence, namespaced policies cannot override or modify behaviors described in a cluster-wide policy. Because policies are logical collections of related rules and do not imply functionality relative to other policies, a single policy having two validation rules, for example, produces the same ultimate effect as two policies each having one rule. Designing policies is therefore primarily an organizational concern and not a functional one.

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